My interests vary from time to time but I remain very much a beginner in the art world, whether it's quilting, drawing, sketching, digital graphics art, painting, photography, zentangling, hand made cards or any other art form. But I keep trying... Here's my bag of information on Where to Go, What to Do and How to Do It. Hence the title: My Art Bag.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Water - Sunday Postcard Art Challenge

This week's challenge word at Sunday Postcard Art is Water.   It's pretty amazing how many creatures I found made out of water, so I created this little grotto for the Water Creatures to play in! 😁

I just never know where these art challenge words will take me, but it's always an interesting or surprising place!

Thanks for visiting!  See you next time...


Cindy McMath said...

Well this is just so fun and creative! I love the water creatures and the environment you created for them - so imaginative!

Rein said...

Great take on the challenge,
thanks for playing.

indybev said...

Beautiful work. That's one of my favorite songs from long ago as well so it's a win/win for me!