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Friday, April 27, 2018

Time - Take a Word Art Challenge

Take a Word's theme this week is Time.

I've been saving these ballerina elements to use - and found a good theme to pair them, young and old ballerinas.

When I was a young girl I took dance lessons, tap, ballet, acrobat, and hula.  All four in the space of an hour once a week, with my best friend, Kathy.  

Kathy and I were older than the other students, and while they continued to learn ballet positions and little dances in their ballet slippers, Kathy and I progressed to "toe."  I remember my pink silk toe shoes - just like the ones above.  And being surprised when I first got them, how "hard as a rock" the toes were.  (You have no idea how hard it was to balance on those hard toes at first!)  And the beautiful pink ribbons I wrapped around my ankles, just so.

I wish I still had them, just for the memories.  :)

Thanks for stopping by.  See you next time...


Ozstuff said...

I love your story and I love your whimsical and wonderful picture illustrating the passage of time. Exquisite.

Kimbopolo said...

Charming and completely wonderful!

Sim said...

It's a fun, joyful and light way to see the passing of time, even if it's not so happy... Congratulations for your humor! Well done!