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Saturday, December 2, 2017

On-Line Art Classes

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Udemy offered some classes at a deep discount - only $10 for tons of selected classes.  A Photoshop class that's normally $200 was $10, and I purchased an Adobe Photoshop Elements class for $10.  It is usually $150.  Quite a savings.  (There are still some classes on sale.)  In fact, I purchased eight classes:


I'm downloading all the classes and making copies on a thumb drive so I will always have them available.  To learn more about this website and their classes, click here:   What is Udemy?

I saved a ton of money - of course the savings will only be realized if I USE these classes.   I've always wanted to be artistic but don't have much skill in that area.  When I say in my blurb under the blog header that I'm very much a beginner in the art world, I'm not kidding.  But I've had an RV blog that won an award and I had my own word processing business for just under 15 years where I did all kinds of computer things with words, graphics, designed some logos, etc.  I've also designed and created jewelry that was consigned through a couple of stores.  I've done a lot of different things and been successful at them.  And totally ENJOYED them.  The kind of enjoyment that gets me starting the day early and working until afternoon, wondering where the time went and fixing lunch at 3:00.  I'm sure a lot of you have done the same thing.  It's exhilarating!

So, I have some experience in artistic-type endeavors, but I want to be a drawing and painting artist, and not put my work in the bottom drawer.   I want to hang it on my walls, give them as gifts, post photos of them HERE.  That's totally different from what I've done in the past.

When I was choosing which classes I wanted, I went into the free videos that are included with each class before purchase to check them out.  See if I liked the instructor's voice, way of speaking, etc., and get a little insight into how the classes were taught.  I passed on some of the classes because I didn't like the way the instructor spoke.  In one of the videos (I purchased his class) the instructor was talking about how people become artists.  One thing he said resonated with me.  Something about there are a lot of sketchers and painters who didn't start out with the skill, they learned it and then maybe mastered it.  Like most other things, if you have an interest and learn and practice you'll become a skilled artist.

I remember learning to type in high school - I was so "fumble fingered," it didn't feel natural at all.  When I no longer had my own busines, I was tested at one point while joining a temp agency after moving to a new area.  I didn't have a job yet, and wanted to earn some money before starting to work full time.  I tested at over 100 words per minute while typing and scored 100% on the WordPerfect knowledge test.  That was because I had used that program in my business (and Microsoft Word) for YEARS and was now an expert at it.  From fumble-fingered to expert - it just took practice and DOING IT.

That's where I am now with my artistic endeavors with sketching, drawing and painting.  Fumble fingered.  I have to admit, I hate doing things I'm not good at.  But I'm determined to practice and we'll see how it goes.

I've also ordered the Adobe Photoshop Elements bundle through their website - they had a Black Friday Sale also.  (Less $$$ than on

Then I ordered a book that Kim at The Empty Attic suggested I use with Elements.  It's working it's way to me through various post offices and I can't wait to get it and start using it. I'll post about it when it arrives and I start learning from it. Then I'm going to enter some of the Art Challenges she told me about.  Is there a "Beginner Category?"    😁

If you are interested in seeing what the new Elements for 2018 has, click here:  Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements.

And for a free trial click on the links below to be taken to that spot on their website.

Still deciding? Start with the free trial.
 Download Photoshop Elements 2018    💻     Download Premiere Elements 2018
Caution:  As far as I know the old 30-day trial is gone;
now you have only 7 days to try it out.

I guess I should say that I'm not affiliated with any of these products, they are just what I've purchased.  I wish I had posted this info earlier, but just thought about it today.   I'll bet these great prices will be available again before Christmas, so if you are interested in anything on this post, check the links from time to time and see when the Christmas sales will be going on.

Maybe in the next post, I'll actually have something I've created?

See you next time...

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Kimbopolo said...

What fun! Don't you wish there were more hours in the day! Elements 2018 - wow - I'm a little envious. :-)