My interests vary from time to time but I remain very much a beginner in the art world, whether it's quilting, drawing, sketching, digital graphics art, painting, photography, zentangling, hand made cards or any other art form. But I keep trying... Here's my bag of information on Where to Go, What to Do and How to Do It. Hence the title: My Art Bag.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Zentangles, Zendangles and Zendoodles

Here are some books I've found on line - I think my favorites are dangles - I'll have to pull out the book I bought a couple of years ago so it'll be close by when I'm inspired!

Zenspirations - Dangle Designs:

Shirley and Company - found on Pinterest
Found on Pinterest

This is a book on Zen Doodles - I like looking at these; they are always interesting to me but I'm not a good enough artist to do this very well - yet...

Zen Doodle Designs:

I like this idea too, simple flowers, birds, and probably other simply drawn animals, etc.  It would be fun making fancy lettering to go with the artwork.

Zenspirations - Letters & Patterning

This is digital art - so you can download the file and put the digital graphics in your artwork.  I like doing this and have files and files of digital graphics.  If you are interested in these, I've recently found lots of digital graphics on and some if them are pretty inexpensive.  The link below takes you to Carrie Stevens' Etsy page with four different options of heart doodles - each of the four groups are $5 each.  I haven't bought any of her products, but I liked this one...

FishScraps - Heart Doodles


This link, Doodle Flowers, will take you to a Pinterest site that has a lot of really nice examples - you can see the different types and try your hand at making some of them if you wanted to try it.  This one, Zen Tangles Tutorial Step by Step, will give you precise directions to get started or get some new ideas.   Google those three words in this blog's title and you'll find myriad sites and ideas.

This is the book I have:

So there you go.  For people like me who haven't had an art class and no real artistic ability, this is a great way to get started.

See you next time...  


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Kimbopolo said...

Very cool. Great for inspiration!