My interests vary from time to time but I remain very much a beginner in the art world, whether it's quilting, drawing, sketching, digital graphics art, painting, photography, zentangling, hand made cards or any other art form. But I keep trying... Here's my bag of information on Where to Go, What to Do and How to Do It. Hence the title: My Art Bag.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Take A Word Art Challenge - Bird

Our challenge theme this week at Take A Word is Bird.

I did this one on a rainy night in New Mexico.  Warm and toasty inside and rainy and windy outside. 

I liked the way the lovebirds' color stands out in the darker background and I loved the church element.  The moon is from a full moon photo I took.  I removed the background and saved it as a PNG so that I could use it as a graphic in collage pieces.  I'm sure I'll be using it again!

See you next time...


Ozstuff said...

I love the grungy painted background and the beautiful old building. The contrast of the colorful birds in the tree is the icing on the cake. Great design and great artwork.

Kimbopolo said...

Really great work! So creative! Everything Ozstuff said ...

Windkissed said...

This is AWESOME!! Great contrast!

I’ve been following your other blog for a bit and just realized you had this one!! I think we happen to have a great deal in common!! Let me introduce myself, my name is Lauri, 58 yo empty-nester (of sorts); retired (disability); at the end of last year I got myself a 20’ trailer (toy hauler) that I plan to turn into an art studio!

Eventually I plan on full-timing as soon as I get rid of MANY possessions!! That and take care of some other loose ends!!

I also have Canine companions! An 11 yo, F, 3.5 lb Pom-Chi, 10 yo , F, 7 lb, Chi-Terrier X, 3 yo, M, 14 lb, Westie-Poo. “We” also have three other dogs, two 50 lb pits, and another Chi-Terrier X but two of them belong to my “partner” (who will not be joining me) and I’m hoping he can keep the other pit. As I re-read that I realize how complicated my life sounds....IS. And I do hope to begin eliminating some...most of that!!! Hahahaha

Most of my life was science-based as I was in the medical field. Once I retired my creative side began to flourish! First I began coloring with good ole’ Crayola pencils.... immediately I began graduating to more exciting mediums; watercolor, acrylics, pen & ink..... I realized that in order to do any of these I needed to learn sketch! I practice something EVERYDAY!

Then my eyes opened even bigger and I began knitting, working with polymer clay and so many other things!

I LOVE this new life! I love LIFE!! I am very excited to go on to my next chapter! I took my maiden voyage in the trailer by going to the RTR in Quartzsite this last January! The trip was really awesome and enlightening. I’m new to this - I have a lot to learn but I’m so eager to take it on!!

It’s great to know there are more and more individuals out there just like myself.

I enjoy reading your blogs. I LOVE technology! Information is soooo easily available! I don’t indulge in TV, rather I watch many informative YouTube videos (all my crafts are self-taught). I love learning - it’s an addiction Hahahaha (at least this ones a healthy one!)

I will continue to read and learn! Thanks for your posts!!

Hopefully I’ll see you out there some day!!